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Felix - our Biggest Loser

We have a winner!

In August and September we ran our very own Biggest Loser competition for our furry friends that were carrying a little bit of extra winter weight. Some of our Biggest Loser patients were already on a weight loss plan and some of them had a weight assessment consultation at the start of the competition.

All of our patients had their starting weight recorded and their ideal body weight assessed. We then started them on a weight loss diet suited to their needs. We followed up with the patients throughout the 8 week period and they all had regular weigh in's. We had cats and dogs of all sizes participate so the final weigh in was based on total percentage weight loss rather than the total amount in kilos lost.

Congratulations to Felix—Our Canine Biggest Loser. He is a 5 year old Male Pugalier who lost 10% of his original body weight to get to a super-trim 10.8kg!

Our Feline Biggest Loser is Rushie Richardson, a 6 year old female kitty with a starting weight of 7.02kg and a final weight of 6.44kg - equivalent to a weight loss of 8.2%!

Congratulations to all of our wonderful owners who have committed to keeping their pets happy and healthy by managing their weight.

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